Digital is best for electoral registration

Release date: 22 August 2018

Residents are being prompted to check that their electoral registration details are correct and to act quickly to make their vote count.

The Council is sending Household Enquiry Forms to more than 43,000 households in the District asking them to confirm their electoral details, preferably online.  

Sarah Dalby, Electoral Services Manager at Cotswold District says:

"It’s quick and easy to respond. Anyone in the household can reply and details of how to do this are on the Household Enquiry Form.  If possible, please reply online or by phone, as this reduces our costs and also means that you don't need to return the form to us.  However, a pre-paid envelope is supplied for those who wish to contact us by post. 

"If new individuals have moved in to the household or a member has turned 18, then they need to be added to the Household Enquiry Form so that we can register them to vote separately."

Electoral registration is a legal requirement that has to be to done each year; residents must be on the Electoral Register to be eligible to vote. For more details see

Any household that has not received an enquiry form by Friday 31 August should contact the Council on 01285 623002 or email

The Register is used by credit checking agencies, for example when applying for a loan, mortgage or mobile phone contract. Other pitfalls of not being on the Register include not being eligible to apply for certain jobs which require security checks and not being able to open a bank account.

For more information see: /about-the-council/elections/register-to-vote/ 



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