Help us track down Ewen fly tippers!

Release date: 28 April 2016

Environmental Wardens from Cotswold District Council are investigating a large fly tipping offence just outside the village of Ewen.  About five tons of slate roofing and ridge tiles, along with associated wooden batons and felt, have been dumped by the roadside within the last couple of days.  Additionally, three 47kg propane canisters have been abandoned, one of which was thrown into a nearby watercourse. Tyre tracks indicate that a double rear wheeled tipper truck was used to deposit the debris.

Cllr Sue Coakley, CDC Cabinet Member for Health, Environment and Communities, is appealing to the public to help track down the culprit:

“This beautiful area has been spoiled by an unsightly mess, and taxpayers will now have to pay hundreds of pounds to clean it up and take it to a landfill site.  It is clear that someone has been cutting corners while doing some building work and we would be very grateful if anyone could let us have any information which would assist in bringing a prosecution.”

Did you see anything in the Ewen area over the last few days which might help the Council’s investigation?  Please call 01285 623123 if you can assist.


Cotswold District Council
Trinity Road