Council appeals to prevent 80% loss of health and social care provision

Release date: 13 April 2016

Cotswold District Council has sent a formal letter to Gloucestershire County Council expressing grave concerns about proposed budget cuts that would result in only one Children and Family Centre, staffed by Health and Social Care professionals, operating in the District.

Cllr Sue Coakley, the CDC Cabinet Member for Health, Environment and the Communities, has pointed out to the County Council that the proposal – which would rely on one single Centre in Cirencester - would have devastating results:

“Cotswold is a predominantly rural district covering 450 square miles. This means that many families in pockets of deprivation in the north of our district - who are the very people this service is targeted to reach - will be more than 30 miles from the only Centre staffed by County professionals. This is compounded by the fact that there are no public transport links from the northern parts of the District to Cirencester.  We estimate that this would equate to removing 80% of the current provision.

“In contrast, the County Council proposals show that Gloucester residents would retain almost 50% of their current provision.  This means that nobody would be more than a short journey away from any of the six sites around the city which the County Council is proposing to retain. Residents in the Gloucester city area also enjoy much better public transport facilities. 

“While we understand the need to review the number of Children and Family Centres staffed by County professionals in response to budget cuts, we are urging the County Council to reconsider the equity of the cuts across districts. We have also encouraged local town and parish councils in the Cotswolds to voice their concerns.”


Cotswold District Council
Trinity Road