Cabinet recommends approval of draft Local Plan

Release date: 22 April 2016

Cotswold District Council’s Cabinet convened on 21 April for a special meeting to discuss the draft Local Plan.  After a lengthy and inclusive debate including wide-ranging input from many Ward Members, the Cabinet recommended that the Draft Submission Local Plan for the District should be approved when the full Council meets on Tuesday 17 May.  If the Members vote to approve it, the draft Plan should be ready for final approval of any minor amendments by Cabinet and then submission to the government later this year.  An independent inspector will then be appointed by the government to conduct a public examination which will consider whether the Local Plan should go forward for formal adoption by the Council, providing a blueprint for development until 2031.


CDC planners consulted the public early in 2015 on Development Strategy and Site Allocations documents and then later the same year on draft Development Management policies.  They took those views into account, along with a wide range of supporting evidence, when compiling the Draft Submission Local Plan.  Should the Council approve the Plan on 17 May, it will then undergo the formal, focused consultation which seeks responses on matters such as whether the plan has been prepared in accordance with the Duty to Cooperate, legal and procedural requirements, and whether it is sound.


Commenting on the Cabinet’s recommendation, Cllr Nick Parsons, the Cotswold District Council Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Forward Planning, said:


“We are currently on course to send the Submission Plan to the government during the Autumn. We have had some criticism about the time taken to get to this stage, but our officers have had to get through an enormous amount of work gathering evidence to shape the Plan.  It is worth stressing that – once approved – we will have a whole Local Plan for Cotswold District which is fully compliant with the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF).   This means that it will include a development strategy, site allocations to deliver the strategy, and a full range of policies to deliver the Plan’s objectives. Only a handful of local authorities in England have adopted a whole Local Plan which is NPPF-compliant.


“If Council Members approve the Draft Submission version of the Plan on 17 May, we will send a newsletter to all households in the District, explaining how we formulated our key policies in line with national planning policy requirements.  The newsletter will also include details about the formal procedure for commenting on this version of the Plan.”


Cotswold District Council
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