Business continuity

Business continuity helps to identify threats to your business, safeguard your reputation, your brand and the interests of its key stakeholders.

Business continuity planning

Business continuity management is a process that enables you to review your business as a whole; establishing what is important to running your business and identifying the most important risks to the key activities, business processes, staff, equipment, suppliers, premises, contractors, etc of your business. This enables you to plan to avoid, reduce or mitigate risks to the important areas of running your business. It also asks you to consider the time-frames by which you must have certain parts or all of your business back up and running. 

Free general advice on business continuity planning

Gloucestershire local authorities are working in partnership to offer general advice on business continuity management.  The Gloucestershire Local Authority Business Continuity Forum has also developed a template as a basic guide to assist your organisation produce a business continuity management plan.

More can be found on the Business Continuity Institute Partnership website as well as resources which are available to help and assist BCI Partnership organisations and the business community.

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