Corporate Strategy and Corporate Plan 2016-2019

Council aim and priorities

The Council’s aim is to be recognised as the most efficient council in the country. We have developed a basket of indicators based on cost, outputs and outcomes, and set a baseline against which we will gauge future improvement.

Our priorities are:

  • Provide high quality services at the lowest possible cost to Council Taxpayers
  • Protect and enhance the local environment whilst supporting economic growth
  • Champion issues which are important to local people

The Corporate Strategy 2016 to 2019 sets out the Council’s aim, priorities and objectives. Under each priority are the Council’s key tasks which show what we will do to achieve each priority and objective. The Corporate Strategy Update 2018/2019  sets out the progress we made in 2017/18 and our key tasks for 2018/19.  

Service Delivery Plans have been developed for each of our services; and include a summary of what the service does, and how it supports the Council’s aim, priorities and objectives. They link the Council priorities and objectives in the Corporate Strategy to the activities that demonstrate what we will do to achieve them.

During the year, we monitor the progress of the Corporate Strategy and activities and performance measures in the Service Delivery Plans to ensure that the Council stays on track, and achieves what it set out to do. Details are available on our Council Performance page.



Cotswold District Council
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