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The government has made transparency and open data a key priority; the aim is to open up government and public services through the publication of non-personal information and data which will make the public sector more accountable to communities and businesses. It will also help to drive improvements in services by informing choice, and to stimulate innovation and growth.

The revised Local Government Transparency Code was published in October 2014 and includes:

  • the key principles in creating greater transparency through the publication of public data
  • the datasets that local authorities must make available to the public.

Open data is about making public information freely available for everyone to use and re-use. The range of data that the Council is committed to publishing is below in the Publication Guide and includes the information and data which have been made available as part of the Transparency Code. The information and datasets are licensed under the:

If you're going to user the information and datasets, you need to acknowledge the source of the information.

Publication guide

This section provides a comprehensive list of council information with links to relevant web pages or other contact details. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please use the search, the A-Z services or contact us.

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The following lists and registers are available:

For other registers/lists not electronically available, please contact us as below.


The following datasets are available:

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For information about the services provided by the Council please see:

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