Cotswold resident pays the price for not bagging and binning dog’s mess

Release date: 20 October

On Monday 19 October Cheltenham Magistrates Court fined Cotswold resident Stephen Gittens £375 and ordered him to pay a victim surcharge of £37.50 - plus costs of £250 - for failing to bag up and bin the mess caused by his dog. 

Mr Gittens, who lives at Old Quarry Bungalow, Nether Westcote, did not attend the hearing but the court noted that he had allowed his dog to foul in public spaces near his home on three occasions during March and April.  He received two warnings and a fixed penalty from the Council and also twice failed to attend an interview to discuss his behaviour.

Cllr Sue Coakley, Cotswold District Council’s Cabinet Member for Health, Environment and Communities, welcomed the hefty fine levied on Mr Gittens:

“Owners who allow their dogs to foul in public areas and then fail to bag and bin the mess are creating a totally unnecessary health hazard.  Aside from the fact that dog mess is very dirty and smelly, it also harbours the eggs of roundworm parasites which contaminate the soil.  Contact with the affected area can cause toxocariasis in humans – especially children playing out of doors.  When toxocariasis affects the eyes it can lead to blindness.

“Environmental Wardens from CDC undertake regular patrols to educate the public about the need to pick up dog mess and dispose of it properly. However, the district comprises over 450 square miles so anything residents can do to help is always much appreciated.

“Offenders who fail to bag and bin their dog’s excrement can ruin a family day out.  Even worse, their actions can have a profoundly negative impact on the health and wellbeing of others. The message is very clear – clean up after your dog!”

For more information about this issue, including how to report dog fouling in Cotswold District, please visit  /residents/environment/environmental-health/animal-control-welfare/dog-fouling/



See for further  information about toxocariasis. 

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