Changes to Council’s Cabinet and Committees

Release date: 25 May 2016

Following Cotswold District Council’s annual meeting on Tuesday 19 May, the Cabinet has been increased by two Members, and new Chairpersons have been appointed for all three committees (Planning and Licensing; Audit and Overview; and Scrutiny).

The two new Cabinet Members are Cllr Alison Coggins (responsible for Health and Leisure) and Cllr Mark Mackenzie-Charrington (Planning Services and the Cirencester car parking project) and the team (with portfolios) now comprises the following:

Leader Cllr Lynden Stowe – responsible for financial strategy; revenues and benefits; grants; democratic services; press and communications.

Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Forward Planning Cllr Nick Parsons – responsible for Local Plan and Community Infrastructure Levy; forward planning; neighbourhood plans; property/asset management.

Cabinet Member for Environment Cllr Sue Coakley – responsible for waste and recycling; drainage and flood resilience; public protection and pest control; food safety; building control; grounds maintenance (cemeteries) and burial fees; abandoned vehicles; Stow Fair.

Cabinet Member for Enterprise and Partnerships Cllr Chris Hancock – responsible for Local Enterprise Partnership and county-wide partnerships; promoting enterprise and tourism; 2020 partnership and GO Shared Services; car parking and enforcement; legal services; human resources; ICT/e-services; Audit Cotswolds; land charges.

Cabinet Member for Housing and Communities Cllr Sue Jepson – responsible for housing strategy and allocations, homelessness and partnerships; private sector housing; crime and disorder and community safety; visitor information centres; front of house/Moreton Area Centre; public conveniences; licensing; emergency planning; street naming and numbering.

Cabinet Member for Health and Leisure Cllr Alison Coggins – responsible for public health and well-being; leisure; museum and arts.

Cabinet Member for Planning Services and Cirencester car parking project Cllr Mark Mackenzie-Charrington – responsible for development control; heritage and conservation; Cirencester car parking project lead.

Commenting on the new appointees, Council leader Cllr Lynden Stowe said:

“We’ve been operating for a year with a Cabinet of five Members but the workload has been very substantial – and continues to grow – so it makes sense to increase our numbers and redistribute some tasks while adding other priorities such as the Cirencester Car Parking project. I know that Alison and Mark will be excellent assets, and will rise to the challenge of their portfolios.  I would also like to thank the other Cabinet Members for their continuing support – they have all dealt with a wide range of issues and have coped admirably under the pressure.”

The changes to the Committee chairs are as follows:

Chairman of Planning and Licensing Committee – Cllr Stephen Hirst

Vice-Chairman of Planning and Licensing Committee – Cllr Abagail Beccle

Chairman of Audit Committee – Cllr Len Wilkins

Chairman of Overview and Scrutiny Committee – Cllr Jenny Forde

Cllr Stowe continued:

“It is great to see some new faces chairing our Committees, and I have every confidence that those appointed will do a good job.  I would also like to pay tribute to the efforts of the outgoing Chairs – Cllr Robin Hughes (Planning and Licensing), Cllr Barry Dare (Audit) and Cllr Jim Parsons (Overview and Scrutiny) – they have all done very well and deserve a huge thank you.”

The Chairman of the Council (Cllr Mark Annett) and Vice-chair (Cllr Julian Beale) remain in post after being re-elected.


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