“We’re staying in Gloucestershire”

Release date: 9 March 2016

The Leader of Cotswold District Council, Cllr Lynden Stowe, has emphasised that a recent proposal to form a local unitary council with West Oxfordshire does not in any way suggest that the District will leave the county of Gloucestershire:

“Recent postings on social media and several items in the press have mistakenly said that we are planning to leave Gloucestershire.  I must stress that the Cotswolds will always stay firmly rooted within the county – we’re staying in Gloucestershire. 

"We have no intention of changing either our historic county boundaries or the traditional civic functions of the county of Gloucestershire. We should not confuse the delivery of services with County identity.

"We do, however, think that there is considerable scope to look at better ways of delivering services to Cotswold council tax payers.  In particular, we are looking to improve accountability by removing the two-tier district/county council ‘who does what’ problem which can lead to considerable frustration and delay for residents."

“We realise that a considerable amount of work is required to produce a more detailed unitary proposal which will be suitable for direct public consultation.  However, even at this early stage, we can assure residents that the government would only give the go-ahead to a unitary council if we can demonstrate that the new council would be both viable and sustainable.”



Cotswold District Council
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