Council extends ‘free after 3pm’ parking in Cirencester

Release date: 23 February 2016

Cotswold District Council has agreed to extend the current ‘free after 3 pm’ parking offer at two car parks in Cirencester:

- The Brewery

- The Forum

At present the offer is due to close at the end of February.  However, acknowledging that there will be some disruption in the centre of Cirencester during the Market Place refurbishment, Councillors have agreed that it would be beneficial to extend the offer at the Brewery and the Forum car parks pending the completion of those works.  They will then keep the offer under review beyond that date.

Cllr Chris Hancock, the Cabinet Member for Enterprise and Partnerships, explains:

“At the Council meeting today, we all agreed that Cirencester would benefit from the continuation of this incentive while the Market Place refurbishment work is going on.  I am sure that this will continue to encourage use of the car parks at a time of day when demand is not so acute.  Towards the end of this year we will consider how we might provide further parking incentives across the whole District.”

Cllr Mark Harris, the Mayor of Cirencester and District Councillor for Cirencester’s Abbey Ward is also very supportive:

“I know from personal experience that the ‘free after 3pm’ deal has been much appreciated by businesses in Cirencester and I am sure that they will be buoyed by the news that it is being extended at the Brewery and Forum car parks throughout the Market Place refurbishment work.”


Cotswold District Council
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