Council performance

During 2010/11, the national performance framework was dismantled and the Comprehensive Area Assessment, Local Area Agreements, and the National Indicator Set were abolished.

This has been replaced with a light touch system of self-regulation and improvement.  Councils are responsible for their own performance and have a collective responsibility for performance in the sector as a whole.

Lifting the burden of bureaucracy and stripping away the top down reporting is one of the actions which will drive decentralisation and localism; the shifting of power from central government to local communities.

Local authorities will no longer be accountable to central government departments but to the local communities they serve, and reporting needs to be driven by local priorities.

Currently, the Government tell us what data we must submit.  This is known as the Single Data List.  We continue to manage our performance.  Service and financial performance, and risks that might prevent us from achieving our aims, are reported on a quarterly basis. Senior management and Cabinet use this information to understand how services are performing, where to direct our resources, and manage and address poor performance.

The Overview and Scrutiny Committee reviews and challenges the information and feeds back any issues to Cabinet, as well as making recommendations.

Performance reports

Review of the Year

Each year we produce an annual report to keep you informed of our progress. The report includes information about:

  • Our achievements against our priorities
  • How we work with others
  • Our Finances
  • How we are taking things forward

Review of the year annual reports

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